Sandra Lira, Sculptor/Jeweler


Relief sculpture, suitable for wall hanging. Available in cast stone, bronze or bonded bronze.

jpg of Schematic: Condenser sculptureSchematic:Condenser 31.5" X 14" (80cm X 33cm)

jpg of Untitled sculptureUntitled 36" X 24" (91.5cm X 61cm)

jpg of Internal Critique sculptureInhibitive Internal Critique: The Powerful/Powerless Censor 30.5" X 17.5" (77.5cm X 44.5cm)

jpg of Fragment sculptureFragment 20.5" X 20.5" (52cm X 52cm)

jpg of Nude sculptureNude 24" X 20" (61cm X 51cm)

jpg of Waitng to be Dreamt..., 3D illustrationWaiting to be Dreamt into Existence 15.5" X 15.5" (39.5cm X 39.5cm)

ARATHOX, 3D illustrationArathox and Queen

Velcome!, 3D illustrationVelcome!

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Sandra Lira, Sculptor/Jeweler
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