Yes, he's finally ready for you to have as your very own!

If you order him rigged for a fountain, SPEW! actually
CAN spew - or drool, if you turn the water pressure down.

SPEW! is approximately 24" high and is available in these finishes:

STONE , which is a light grey
GOTHIC , which is a yellowed, aged look and
BURIED TREASURE, a rusty, creepy, cruddified look

SPEW! is available as a sculpture only, or rigged for a fountain (extra charge for rigging.)   
  Please note that this does not include the pump, only the tubing which connects to the pump.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about this option.

SPEW! Sculpture
$245.00 + $50.00 Shipping,US 

Here are some photos of the original sculpture in oil based clay.

SPEW! will be available as a fountain, so he actually CAN spew! He's not finished here, but
you can see the direction he's taking. His mission is to disgust and delight you. Perhaps you
find him repulsive...yet strangely compelling? If so, then my work here is nearly done...

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