Here are some new photos of TRIO. Trio is part of the NATIONAL SCULPTURE SOCIETY'S
Spring Exhibition, at the PARK AVENUE ATRIUM, 237 Park Avenue, New York, New York,
from March 22-July 30, 2004.

The "Meet the Artists" reception for this show will be May 24, 2004 at 1:00 pm at the Park Avenue Atrium Lobby, 237 Park Avenue or 466 Lexington Avenue (between 45th and 46th Streets). Stop in if you're in the area, there are some really amazing equine sculptures in the show.

Foundry: Bronze Casting
Resin Artist's Proofs
Polymer Clay Prototypes

There are LOTS of photos on this page, here's something to read while they load:

Trio was cast in bronze by the lost wax method (also known as "hot cast" bronze) and hand-finished in a numbered and signed edition of twenty.

My thoughts on this design:

I strove to make the forms and interactions of the three stallions dynamic and powerful, yet to still possess fluidity and elegance. A sense of movement was important to this sculpture. The action of the viewer moving past them should "animate" the stallions, in a flowing, everchanging dance . Even slight variations in the viewing angle should provide a new composition to be studied. Although it's difficult to have a sculpture appear dynamic from all angles, I'm hoping that these horses will have motion and rhythm to their action and interaction from wherever they're viewed, so that they will always reward the viewer with a fresh and interesting perspective.

Foundry: Bronze Casting

3/17/04 Here's Trio, on St Patrick's day at Polich Artworks foundry, finally cast in bronze and ready for the patina. The patina will be a golden brown with reddish undertones. When this is done, they'll be attached to the granite portion of the base. Photos VERY soon of the completed piece-the opening at the NSS is in four days!

Finished! These photos were sent to me by Eileen at Polich, just before Trio was shipped off to the NSS show. I can't say enough about how great the people are at Polich, they're not only fun to work with, they understand what you're talking about and do things right the first time!


Here are some photos of the first moldmaking process. That's Bill and Brian at Creative Models and Prototypes in Hicksville, NY. Modelmakers Extraordinaire!

They actually made molds that could be cast in one piece, without cutting up the fragile prototypes, even with legs, manes and tails going in all directions. They're just amazing.

These molds are made from the original polymer clay prototypes and will be used for making waxes. Another set of (non-reusable) molds will then be made of the waxes. The wax is melted out of these molds first, leaving a negative impression (hence the term "lost wax" casting) and the molds are filled with molten bronze. There's actually a LOT more to the process, but that's it in a nutshell. More on this when I add new foundry photos!

Resin Artist's Proofs

The next photos are actually the resin proofs from Bill and Brian, the Moldmaking Wizards of Long Island. It's hard to capture the movement in each horse as the camera flattens the perspective, but when seen from several angles, I think it's easier to see.

I'm working on the base in these photos. The actual base will consist of a bronze top over a base of granite. The upper portion, which is now the terra cotta colored clay in the photos (not the lighter colored wax part underneath) will be bronze. The granite base will be 1 1/4" thick and about an inch wider than the bronze base. The granite is gorgeous. It has flecks of dark forest green and black with thin gold veins running through it. It should look fantastic with the bronze.

I checked the waxes yesterday (2/18/04) at Polich Artworks in upstate NY. They were perfect. What an amazing place, the friendliest people and a really great atmosphere. Very inspiring! They'll be sending me photos of the casting process soon, which I'll add to this page.

Polymer Clay Prototypes

Here are some photos of the prototypes, snapped just before I took them to the moldmakers.

This is a print ad for Trio:


More photos from the foundry coming soon!

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