Blindfolded Sculpting at Lunacon

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Blindfolded Sculpting 2004

Here are a few shots of Lunacon Blindfolded Sculpting 2004. We'll have more silly photos coming soon. This year the audience chose: a Ferret with a Carrot, a Shark-Bunny, an Alien on a Surfboard, a Robot Mermaid and for the collaborative piece, a Fish/Dragon/Beaver. On this one we "passed the parts", making our animal's head, then passing it on and making the body for someone else's head, then the same with the tails. They actually looked really cute when finished. Thanks to everyone who bid on them at the charity auction!

That's Heidi Hooper on the left and her husband Mike Ventrella, who directs this insanity, with a trayful of silliness.

Here's Susan Finley, who joined Heidi and me this year, Mike and Heidi.

This is me and two of our "Guest Sculptors". Our first guest was Jael, a fabulous 2D artist. She's to the right in the audience and at the table next to me is Andrea Senchy, Director of Lunacon's Art Show. I want to thank them both again for being such good sports. Mike also picked two people from the audience, I'm sorry that I didn't get your names, but thanks very much for paticipating!

Aliens on Surfboards and Scooters and a few Shark-Bunnies and Ferrets & Carrots back there, too.

This is my favorite one of the ones I made. It's a Robot Mermaid.

Blindfolded Sculpting 2003

Here are some shots of the Blindfolded Sculpting demo Heidi Hooper and I did at Lunacon 2003. It was absolutely hilarious, thanks to our wise-cracking audience, some of whom also participated in the sculpting. We let the audience decide what we would make and when we were finished.They chose a lizard, a mermaid, an evil squirrel, and, thanks to a suggestion by Michael, Heidi's husband, a collaborative effort on a mutant bird.

This is me and Heidi. It was strangely relaxing to be working blindfolded, maybe because it required a different sort of concentration.

Working on an Evil Squirrel.

This is Heidi's Evil, Evil Squirrel.

This was a collaborative effort, later dubbed "the Transporter Accident". Heidi made her half of the bird on its stomach and I made mine on its back. I think this one might be my favorite, although I'm also quite partial to the Evil Squirrels.


This is Heidi, me, and my progeny/minion Xzandria with some of the creations by us and audience participants.

All pieces were made in Super Sculpey, which Heidi later baked. They were sold on Sunday at a charity auction.

Photos courtesy Ria, Petey and the Joes

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